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Celebrating 22 Years of The Clubhouse

Did you know that we recently celebrated our 22nd Clubhouse Anniversary right here at the Museum of Science? The event was packed with Clubhouse members, alumni, mentors, staff and community partners and friends who all came out to celebrate 22 years of creativity, learning, and fun. Check out the slideshow below to ge a taste of the excitement… 


The 10th Annual WEST END FEST

Last Saturday, we set up a Happy Cardboard booth at the 10th Annual West End Festival to give the West End Community a little taste of what happens here at the Flagship Clubhouse. Our high school summer intern, Eric, helped lead the event and would like to share some words and pictures with you… This past Saturday, the Flagship Clubhouse showcased our Happy Cardboard at the 10th Annual West End Festival in Boston. "Happy Cardboard" is when we take blank, “sad” cardboard...


Faces at Figment (Slideshow)

This past weekend, The Flagship made a show-stopping appearance at FIGMENT Boston: a festival of interactive community art. Check out our photo slideshow below and read what our high school interns, Jasmine and Kamel, had to say about the event… On Saturday, the Flagship introduced video sensing to Figment Boston, a daytime, and night-time event where there was an abundance of interactive art. Once we started to set up, visitors couldn’t keep away. They were very interested in what was...


Happy Cardboard at “Play Day” (photo slideshow)

This past weekend, the Flagship showcased its Happy Cardboard concept to the attendees of "Play Day" at Lawn on D and also invited the attendees to create their own Happy Cardboard. The results were more fun, colorful and creative than we could have ever imagined. Our high school summer intern, Jayant, took some awesome photos. Check out what he had to say about the event… On Sunday, The Computer Clubhouse hosted Happy Cardboard for Lawn on D's "Play Day." Happy...


Animation Workshop (slideshow)

Yashas, one of our high school summer volunteers will be guest blogging about today's animation workshop with Animatron!  Today, Bryce, Kate, Alissa, and Priyanka from Animatron visited the Flagship Computer Clubhouse to show us their online animation program: Animatron. We logged on to and explored the tools on the website. Our friends from Animatron showed us characters and objects from different themes: Space Travel, Steampunk, and others. We can take their characters and objects and animate them to create a story....


Angie’s Jewelry Workshop (Slideshow)

Our first Jewelry Design Workshop with fashion designer and Clubhouse alum, Angie Brutus, was a complete success. Here are some pictures and some words from our high school summer interns about the event… Today at the Computer Clubhouse Angie Brutus joined us for a jewelry making workshop. We started off the experience talking about the benefits recycling, or upcycling, and the positive effects it can have on our community. These same ideas were incorporated into our creations where we took...


Scratch Day / Pixar Day

Keven, our high school intern, shares the details on what our Clubhouse members were up to this past weekend. Have a look!     Last Saturday, some Clubhouse members and I attended both Scratch Day at MIT and Pixar Day at the Museum of Science! Both were fun events. Here is how the day went:    As we were waiting for Scratch day to start in the morning, we received cool Scratch stickers and booklets with schedules for the day! As an introduction, many famous projects such as Boot and Cats and other animated music videos were...


A Visit to Harmonix!!!

This past weekend, the Flagship Computer Clubhouse spent a day at Harmonix. Our high school intern, Keven, will be our guest blogger for the day. Check out his account of the recent visit to Harmonix…  We had an amazing trip to Harmonix! They are the makers of many popular music related video games such as Fantasia, Rock Band, and Dance Central. To start the day, we were given an introduction about the company, its history, and the inspiration behind their games. We...


Character Design Workshop with Boston Arts Academy (Slideshow)

The talented students of Boston Arts Academy stopped by the Flagship for a workshop where we designed our own monster characters. First, we sketched our characters out on paper. Then, we crafted those same characters out of play-dough. Lastly, we modeled our characters in a 3D program Sculptris. Needless to say, there were many awesome and unique creations. 


A Very Sweet Open House

It was a delicious Open House this past weekend as we surprised our guests and members with a cookie-decorating party. Just look at all these handsome gingerbread men: tailored for tastiness. We also had loads of 3D sculpting, 3D printing, video game producing, computer programming, and music production going on at the Open House. Be sure to be at the next one on Saturday, January 24th. There's no telling what fun activities we'll be getting into then. =)