The Flagship Clubhouse Visits Google!


by Ishaan P. (Clubhouse Member and Summer Youth Intern)

Last Wednesday (June 29th), Flagship Clubhouse members joined their Boys and Girls Club peers and travelled to Kendall Square to visit Google’s iconic Cambridge campus! Organized and led by our college intern, Abby, the tour offered a unique chance to see the innovative organization from the inside!

After fueling up on pizza and drinks at the Clubhouse, we walked down to Kendall Square, met our friends from the South Boston Boys and Girls Club, and entered the spacious main lobby of the campus – stopping there to pose with the giant Android statue that proudly welcomed us into the space!

Soon we met with Jonah, a Google Employee (Googler) with companies in the Health industry and our tour guide for the afternoon. We followed Jonah up to the 5th floor in building 5CC, finding ourselves in another unique and colorful lobby, themed to look like Kendall Square! Sprawled across 3 separate buildings and 2 above-ground connecters, Google’s Cambridge office is modeled after Boston’s iconic MBTA system: each of the 5 spaces represents a different line, with rooms throughout the campus designed to mimic the various stops in the Greater Boston area.


From Downtown Boston to the Charles River, each section of the office was a new space for us to explore; nevertheless, no matter where we were, it was clear that each area offered Googlers amazing opportunities to work on their projects and collaborate with others. Most importantly, Jonah explained, Google believed that no employee should ever be more than 150ft away from food! This quickly became apparent to us as well, for it wouldn’t take long for us to find the nearest “refueling station.”

After visiting a few more stops, including Wonderland and the Aquarium (My favorite spaces at Google!), the gang headed down to a classroom-style conference space, where we met with 2 more of Jonah’s colleagues. Definitely a highlight of the entire trip, during this time with the Googlers we learned about their experiences – both before Google and once they joined – and told them about our own experiences in the Clubhouse!

We learned that the 3 Googlers all worked with other businesses to help them promote their products better on Google’s platforms – a job that requires Googlers to really dive deep in their clients' line of work. After receiving some great advice on how we could pursue our own goals – whether that be working at Google or starting our own company – we said our goodbyes and took a few more pictures (and selfies) to remember the awesome time we had at Google


Our tour of Google was a truly extraordinary experience for Clubhouse members and volunteers alike, and it couldn’t have happened without all of the hard work and planning from all the mentors, especially Abby and Nina! Thanks for the amazing experience!

Ishaan is one of our Summer Youth Interns for 2016 here at the Flagship Clubhouse. His interests include software engineering and development.