Circuit Stickers Workshop

Our high school intern, Justin, will be guest-blogging today about last week's Circuit Stickers Workshop! Be sure to read what he has to say and check out some photos of the awesome projects that were crafted.

Last Monday, MIT Grad student and founder of Chibitronics, Jie Qi, visited the Clubhouse to teach a workshop on her very own invention: Circuit Stickers! Working out of the MIT Media Lab, Jie engineered these nifty circuit components into sticker form which can easily be combined with paper, copper tape, and batteries to create elegant paper-based creative projects. A fusion of art and technology, Jie's goal is to use Circuit Stickers to tell beautiful and meaningful stories. First, Jie showed us a circuit story book she is creating, about a lone LED and his journey to find a place to belong. Then, we experimented with the Circuit Stickers ourselves, starting off with a simple circuit consisting of a battery and two LEDs. Taking it a step further, we used effect stickers to make the lights blink, twinkle, beat like a heart, giving our projects some personality. Circuit Stickers remind us of the beauty technology can bring, and give us all the power to tell stories of our own.