Animation Workshop (slideshow)

Yashas, one of our high school summer volunteers will be guest blogging about today's animation workshop with Animatron! 

Today, Bryce, Kate, Alissa, and Priyanka from Animatron visited the Flagship Computer Clubhouse to show us their online animation program: Animatron. We logged on to and explored the tools on the website. Our friends from Animatron showed us characters and objects from different themes: Space Travel, Steampunk, and others. We can take their characters and objects and animate them to create a story. Sam, a member of the Flagship Computer Clubhouse, and I worked on animating a story about a fight between two characters from Steampunk and Space. With the help of our friends from Animatron, we created our story. By creating our story, we learned about all the different things that we can make with Animatron. The best part about Animatron was how we can just jump in and start creating a story without worrying about all the complicated stuff that traditionally comes before creating an animation. On behalf of the Flagship Computer Clubhouse and all of us who took part in this fun workshop, I would like to thank our marvelous friends over at Animatron for showing us how to use our creativity in different ways.