Angie’s Jewelry Workshop (Slideshow)

Our first Jewelry Design Workshop with fashion designer and Clubhouse alum, Angie Brutus, was a complete success. Here are some pictures and some words from our high school summer interns about the event…

Today at the Computer Clubhouse Angie Brutus joined us for a jewelry making workshop. We started off the experience talking about the benefits recycling, or upcycling, and the positive effects it can have on our community. These same ideas were incorporated into our creations where we took found objects from around the Clubhouse and turned them into personal accessories. Using objects such as perler beads, broken necklaces, ribbon, and ping pong balls, Angie assisted us members in creating earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.

One of the best parts about the experience was the overall message. Angie was teaching us how to make jewelry while teaching us a life lesson. We learned that nothing should be put to waste and creativity is important. We also learned that we can apply these skills to help improve our community, and contribute to a better future, especially environmentally.