“My Clubhouse Experience” by Keven

Keven, our former Clubhouse Intern, was kind enough to be our guest blogger one last time before he graduated in early June (Congrats, Keven!!!). Here, he discusses his experience interning at the Flagship Computer Clubhouse…   



Being a part of the Clubhouse community has been interesting, inspiring, and lots of fun. These past few weeks at the Clubhouse opened my eyes to many different things. I have learned that creativity can be expressed in more ways than originally thought. Before I knew about the Clubhouse, I thought being creative only meant being able to make music, art, and crafts. I now realize that creativity means that you can make everything your heart desires using anything, even technology. Ever since I joined the community, I was able to find new interests such as photography. I also learned about Scratch, thMakey-Makey, and painting with light, all of which are interesting and fun to play around with!


One part I love about the Clubhouse is that it promotes creativity in a safe environment. Anyone can create anything without being judged. Often times, people are hesitant to create or express themselves because of the fear that their work may come out bad, when in reality, you have to practice in order to get better. The fear of being judged is a big issue when it comes to expressing creativity, and having a safe environment to be creative is very valuableThe Clubhouse Village is another wonderful part of the Clubhouse because it is nice to have a place to share, support, and inspire!


On Monday, I presented my internship experience to the underclassmen at my high school. In the beginning of the day we had a supervisor breakfast where both seniors and supervisors from different organizations all over Boston came to celebrate everyone’s internship experience. Most of us have not seen each other since March, so it was great seeing everyone again! During the breakfast, a few seniors were able to present their experiences, including working at schools, marketing, and researching in laboratories. Afterwards, the rest of the seniors went and presented to the underclassmen.


To start off, I gave a brief introduction about the Clubhouse and its mission. I then discussed my responsibilities, the projects I have worked on, and the cool field trips that I took part in! I also talked about all of the equipment available and how they can be used to express creativity. Finally, I gave a list of takeaways and how important it is to explore interests early before choosing internships and colleges.


I loved being a part of the Clubhouse and getting to share my experience with others. I am glad that I was able to intern here and I am thankful for the opportunity!