Scratch Day / Pixar Day

Keven, our high school intern, shares the details on what our Clubhouse members were up to this past weekend. Have a look!



Last Saturday, some Clubhouse members and I attended both Scratch Day at MIT and Pixar Day at the Museum of Science! Both were fun events. Here is how the day went: 


As we were waiting for Scratch day to start in the morning, we received cool Scratch stickers and booklets with schedules for the day! As an introduction, many famous projects such as Boot and Cats and other animated music videos were presented. To really get into the spirit of Scratch Day, we pretended to be the Scratch cat and followed funny commands. We even had the opportunity to paint our faces! 


There were so many interesting and cool activities that they split them up into 5 big sections and it was hard to choose which ones to go to first! In the center space, we used Scratch to take photos, connect with other Scratchers, and even talk to the co-founder of the Computer Clubhouse, Mitchel Resnick! In the big meeting space we were able to play around with Scratch Jr. and work on projects to present in front of everyone later onWe made instruments using the Makey-Makey, made a dancing sprite of ourselves for a dance party, and used Legos with motors to tell Scratch stories in the skyline spaceThe nook space had an awesome space projection where we stopped meteors from destroying earth! Experienced Scratchers were able to learn cool features and skills in the auditorium. 


After visiting all of the spaces, we went back to the big meeting space for share and tell. Scratchers were able to talk about themselves and the projects they have made. There was a wide variety of projects, such as video games, music videos, and funny animated stories. Alex, one of our clubhouse members, presented his project called Coin Clicker! Head on over to to check out some of these amazing projects for yourself! 


During the closing ceremony, each section talked about what they did throughout the day and showed examples and pictures. Resnick and Natalie Rusk then gave us a few last words and wished us "Happy Scratching." 


Afterwards, we had Pixar day where we tested prototypes of new exhibits. First off, we filled out questionnaires about our overall experience with coding and programming. We then saw a few scenes from several Pixar movies and answered questions about the scenes and the steps it takes to make them look realistic. We then moved on to the most interesting part: testing the exhibits! The exhibits allowed us to test the lighting and properties of objects and taught us how to make an environment and scene look natural. We then ended the day by watching Monsters Inc. and eating ice cream. Having Scratch and Pixar day on the same day was fun, exciting, and inspiring.