20th of October 2017 04:06 PM Link
Come one, come all!

We will be hosting "Thank You Science: The Flagship Clubhouse 24th Anniversary Party" on 11/17.

Friday, November 17 | 4:30-6:30
The Flagship Clubhouse @ Museum of Science, Boston

Stay tuned for more details!
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15th of September 2017 12:27 PM Link
We're open from 2:30pm-8:00pm today, folks! #GirlPower #MakeSomething #FlagshipClubhouse
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13th of September 2017 02:12 PM Link
GUESS WHO'S BACK... The Flagship Clubhouse is officially open from 2:30pm-7pm today, folks. Our hours for the fall season are as follows...

Wednesday, 2:30pm - 7:00pm
Thursday, 2:30pm - 7:00pm
Friday, 2:30pm - 8:00pm
Saturday, 12:00pm - 6:00pm

(The Clubhouse is CLOSED Sunday through Tuesday)

Let's get those creative juices flowing, people! #MakeSomething
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19th of August 2017 02:28 PM Link
Did you know that our college-bound interns, Eric and Victoria, helped facilitate Clubhouse Camps this summer, both at the Museum of Science and at the YMCA in Quincy? They put together this slideshow video to show you the highlights... #MakeSomething
11th of August 2017 08:51 PM Link
Mark your calendars! On Friday, August 18th, from 3:30pm-4:30pm, we will be honoring and celebrating the wonderful work of our Summer Youth Interns, some of whom will be off to college in just a few weeks (*GASP*). Check out this invite flyer designed by our intern, Ethan. #MakeSomething
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22nd of July 2017 04:30 PM Link
It's goin' down at the Clubhouse... STEM style! Building ecosystems!!! #MakeSomething
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21st of July 2017 01:33 PM Link
Watch the unveiling of our contraption from Chain Reaction Camp!

During the summer of 2017, adult and teen staff from The Flagship Clubhouse are cofacilitating summer workshops with local youth. Visit http://clubhousebeat.org/camp/ to learn more!
21st of July 2017 01:09 PM
Join us right here at 11:30 when we will be live-streaming our party-themed chain reaction contraption!

Wondering what that is? Tune in to find out!
11th of July 2017 08:32 AM Link
Aaaand we're back! The Clubhouse is open from 1pm-5pm today, folks. See u there!!! #MakeSomething #SummerAtTheClubhouse
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30th of June 2017 09:58 PM Link
Hey all! We are open tomorrow from 12pm-4pm (early closure)... then we are CLOSED for the entirety of next week. After that, we swing into our Summer Schedule (Tues-Sat, 1pm-5pm, July 11th through September 1st). #MakeSomething
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27th of June 2017 10:29 PM Link
Hey Clubhouse Members... Come join us on Wednesday! After all, a humpday is a fun day for a sundae. =P #MakeSomething
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18th of June 2017 03:32 AM Link
... went full "Annie Leibovitz" with the girls the other day. #Sisterhood
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17th of June 2017 09:02 PM Link
Thanks to everyone who attended our Open House and STEM Saturday today. Lots of old and new faces in the room. It was a blast! #MakeSomething
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17th of June 2017 12:09 PM Link
STEM Saturday from 1:30pm-3:30pm today... and Open House from 2pm-5pm today. Come create with us! #MakeSomething
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17th of June 2017 12:01 PM Link
Sisterhood. #MakeSomething
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15th of June 2017 09:48 PM Link
Did you know that, after a VERY productive spring season, most of our Clubhouse Leadership Crew will be serving as Clubhouse interns this summer? We're so proud of them and their continued growth. Hope you join us in the Summer! #Salute #MakeSomething #CLC
19th of May 2017 01:37 PM Link
Join us Tuesday, May 23 at 5:30 pm as we celebrate the accomplishments of the inaugural Clubhouse Leadership Crew: Albatool, Brittney, Ethan, Mumina, Nick, and Victoria!
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13th of May 2017 01:45 PM Link
Stop by The Clubhouse today (open 12pm-6pm) and learn how to use Spotify to play, remix, and experiment with your favorite songs. You can make cool projects like this cat DJ spinning pepperoni records! #MakeSomething
8th of May 2017 10:55 PM Link
Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Museum of Science, Boston. A #salute to all of our wonderful volunteers. We love you and thank you for your service. #MakeSomething
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19th of April 2017 01:33 PM Link
We're open from 12pm-5pm today, people! #MakeSomething
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18th of April 2017 04:34 PM Link
From Wednesday, April 19th, thru Saturday, April 22nd, the Clubhouse will be open from 12pm-5pm. Instead of a "Spring Break," how about a "Spring MAKE"? We can turn this "Vacation Week" into a "Make-ation Week." ;-)
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14th of April 2017 03:48 PM Link
We're open from 2:30pm-8pm today, folks!

Join us tomorrow for STEM Saturday from 1:30pm-3:30pm and Open House from 2pm-5pm. #MakeSomething
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30th of March 2017 10:45 PM Link
Hey all...
The Clubhouse will be CLOSED for all of next week. Please plan accordingly. #MakeSomething
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24th of March 2017 03:59 PM Link
VOTE NOW for the Global REACH Festival! TODAY, March 24th, is the very last day you can cast your votes. There are some AMAZING projects in there... including some treats from your very own Flagship Clubhouse.
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23rd of March 2017 06:04 PM Link
Today is the last day to cast your vote for our Global REACH Festival. Go to clubhousereach.org and check out some of these awesome projects from Clubhouses all over the world. Vote now!!!
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21st of March 2017 09:49 PM Link
Our teen leader, Julia, and youth mentor, Jessica, represented the Flagship Clubhouse's "STEM Saturday" program at the Massachusetts State House today. A big thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for their enduring support and encouragement #MakeSomething
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17th of March 2017 02:29 PM Link
Voting is underway for the The Clubhouse Network's Global REACH Festival. Head on over to clubhousereach.org to view the finalists and vote for your favorites. But, hurry up... Voting closes on March 24th!
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15th of March 2017 09:01 PM Link
The young and talented, Winta, blessed us with a quick sketch of Moana at the Clubhouse today... And, 'round here, we LOVE us some Moana. Thanks, Winta! #MakeSomething
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15th of March 2017 07:47 PM Link
Be sure to head on over to clubhousereach.org to cast your votes for the 2017 Global REACH Festival... This year's festival features some AMAZING finalists from Clubhouses all over the world! =)
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14th of March 2017 10:53 PM Link
Happy Pi Day, all!

We, here at the Flagship Clubhouse, decided that the mathematical constant, Pi, deserved a SERIOUS hip hop song in celebration of "Pi Day." This is just a snippet of that piece of music. The chorus alone will have you memorizing the first thirteen digits of Pi in no time. ;-)

by Siroun, Amina, and Kas
10th of March 2017 06:43 PM Link
Clementine art. #MakeSomething
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8th of March 2017 07:13 PM Link
1st of March 2017 03:44 PM Link
Hope everyone had a swell break. We're back to our regular schedule this week. Come thru! #MakeSomething
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25th of February 2017 07:23 PM Link
Yup... We're pretty awesome. #MakeSomething
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22nd of February 2017 12:35 AM Link
We'll be open from 12pm-5pm for the rest of the week. What will you create? #MakeSomething
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14th of February 2017 10:39 PM Link
The ultimate Valentine's Day e-card... courtesy of your Flagship Clubhouse. ;-) #Throwback #MakeSomething
14th of February 2017 04:16 PM Link
☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine's♡ ☆Day☆

Check out these AMAZING pop-up cards we made this past weekend! #MakeSomething
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11th of February 2017 02:58 PM Link
We're open today, folks! 12pm-6pm... Come on over and #MakeSomething! #ThrowbackPhoto
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9th of February 2017 12:32 PM Link
Due to weather and road conditions, both the Clubhouse and the Museum of Science will be CLOSED today, Thursday, February 9th. Stay safe and keep warm.
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4th of February 2017 05:25 PM Link
Abby sketches a parrot at the Flagship Clubhouse. #MakeSomething
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4th of February 2017 02:50 PM Link
It's STEM Saturday today... Join us at 1:30pm for today's activity!!! #MakeSomething
(The Clubhouse is open from 12pm-6pm today)
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4th of February 2017 02:09 PM Link
AMAZING: We used code to program this piece of spiral art! #MakeSomething
27th of January 2017 10:34 PM Link
Nick is illustrating a comic book character. #MakeSomething
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24th of January 2017 04:47 PM Link
This past Saturday was both an Open House day and a STEM Saturday. For our STEM Saturday activity, we built geodesic domes (strong spherical structures built using a network of triangles) using gumdrops and toothpicks. Check out some of our awesome creations! #MakeSomething
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20th of January 2017 04:12 PM Link
Look what Peter found! #ThrowBack
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14th of January 2017 12:16 AM Link
Mel, Franny, and Parmis take a break from their photoshoot at the Flagship Clubhouse today. #MakeSomething
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13th of January 2017 04:58 PM Link
8th of January 2017 04:42 PM Link
Attention Clubhouse Teens: The deadline for this opportunity has been extended thru midnight today. Even if you're unsure of your availability, APPLY! Non-Clubhouse friends are eligible as well, so feel free to pass this along.
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7th of January 2017 01:49 AM Link
... Aaaand we are back in action, folks!!! Pearl and Sabrina collaborated on a science project today... Because, of course, teamwork makes the dream work! #MakeSomething
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22nd of December 2016 12:57 AM Link
Please be aware that the Clubhouse will be open thru Friday, December 23rd, with our regular hours. Then, we will be CLOSED from Saturday, December 24th, thru Saturday, December 31st. We will reopen with our regular schedule on Wednesday, January 4th. See you soon! #MakeSomething
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8th of December 2016 06:27 PM Link
Just a reminder: This Workshop is tomorrow at 3:30pm. Hope to see some of you there! #MakeSomething
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5th of December 2016 03:53 PM Link
Join us, along with our friends from MIT, at 3:30pm this Friday, December 9th, for a workshop on creating your own computer programs in "Scratch" using your very own recorded sounds!
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1st of December 2016 02:32 PM Link
Aaaaand we're back in action at the Flagship! We have an exciting STEM Saturday planned for you this weekend and an AWESOME workshop in collaboration with our friends from the MIT Media Lab set for next Friday, December 9th, at 3:30pm. Mark you calendars and, as always, #MakeSomething!
(Here is Siroun testing out an algebra-teaching program she designed in Scratch... AMAZING!)
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19th of November 2016 12:17 AM Link
Before we're closed next week for the holidays, join us for a STEM Saturday activity tomorrow at the Clubhouse!!! #MakeSomething
Message image
17th of November 2016 06:26 PM Link
Make sure you get to the Clubhouse this week... because we will be CLOSED for ALL of next week. See you soon! #MakeSomething
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16th of November 2016 12:44 PM Link
Our Jersey City Clubhouse family couldn't make it to our 23rd Anniversary Celebration, but they put together an awesome shout-out video to cheer us on. We're open today from 2:30pm-7pm, people... Here's to another 23 years of creativity, learning, and good times! #Clubhouse23 #MakeSomething :-)
15th of November 2016 03:17 PM Link
You know what they say: "A picture is worth a thousand words." That's 1000 reasons to follow us on Instagram. Go HERE...

https://www.instagram.com/flagshipclubhouse/ #MakeSomething
5th of November 2016 09:06 PM Link
Please note that The Clubhouse will be open from 12pm to 5pm on Veteran's Day, November 11th. Please plan accordingly! #MakeSomething
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5th of November 2016 09:04 PM Link
Welcome to the spot where the making never stops! Today was a fun and energetic STEM Saturday at The Clubhouse! #MakeSomething
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18th of October 2016 04:52 PM Link
We are a couple weeks away from our 23rd Anniversary Celebration. For now, check out some photos from last year's celebration.
#Clubhouse23 #MakeSomething
18th of October 2016 12:37 PM Link
Join Clubhouse members, mentors, and supporters as we commemorate the 23rd Anniversary of the Clubhouse program, headquartered at the Museum of Science, Boston! The evening will showcase the talents of Clubhouse members and celebrate 23 years of creativity, learning, and fun.
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/181720532275811/
23 Years of The Clubhouse!
Join Clubhouse members, mentors, and supporters as we commemorate the 23rd Anniversary of the Clubhouse program, headqua...
3rd of November 2016 07:00 PM
12th of October 2016 10:58 PM Link

Join Clubhouse members, mentors, and supporters as we commemorate the 23rd Anniversary of The Flagship Clubhouse and The Clubhouse Network! The evening will showcase the talents of Clubhouse members and celebrate 23 years of creativity, learning, and fun!
#MakeSomething #Clubhouse23
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5th of October 2016 04:34 PM Link
This past weekend, Lyrissa (age 10) snapped some photos of our Clubhouse in action. Check 'em out! She's got a great eye, right??? #MakeSomething
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27th of September 2016 03:20 PM Link
We're back to fall hours at The Flagship!!!

Wednesday & Thursday, 2:30pm-7pm
Friday, 2:30pm-8pm
Saturday, 12pm-6pm

Come create with us this week!!! #MakeSomething
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16th of September 2016 02:05 PM Link
Hey Makers! We're having an Open House tomorrow (Saturday, September 17th) at The Flagship Clubhouse from 2pm-5pm. ALL friends and family and ALL ages are welcome to our Open Houses. Hope to see you there! #MakeSomething
P.S.: We're open until 8pm tonight... Come create with us!
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10th of September 2016 11:21 AM Link
Did you know that The Flagship Clubhouse is back to our regular fall hours? Check them out...

Wednesday & Thursday, 2:30pm-7pm
Friday, 2:30pm-8pm
Saturday, 12pm-6pm

We're open today... Come create with us!!! #MakeSomething
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9th of September 2016 05:52 PM Link
Come join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of a brand new Clubhouse at Movement City in Lawrence!!! It will be a great opportunity to meet other members, mentors, and staff from our Clubhouse Network. #MakeSomething
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/675814852575805/
Movement City Clubhouse Grand Opening // Gran Inauguración!
Come kick off the 2016-2017 program year! Meet new friends and let your creativity run wild! Join us for an evening of...
19th of September 2016 07:00 PM
31st of August 2016 06:43 PM Link
... And we enjoyed their energy and creativity as well!
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26th of August 2016 02:12 PM Link
The Poké-Party is today from 2pm-5pm, people... DON'T MISS IT!!! #MakeSomething
Message image
16th of August 2016 03:55 PM Link
If we have to say "goodbye" to summer, then we might as well say "goodbye" in style... POKÉ-style!!! Come join us for our Poké-party at the Flagship Clubhouse from 2pm-5pm on Friday, August 26th!

(NOTE: The Clubhouse will be closed from Saturday, August 27th, through Tuesday, September 6th, and we will reopen with fall hours on Wednesday, September 7th)
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9th of August 2016 03:01 PM Link
Some awesome 3D modeling and printing happening here at the Flagship Clubhouse. Some fine pieces of art as well as some pieces with simple but useful functionality. We're open until 5pm today. What will YOU create? #MakeSomething
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5th of August 2016 02:43 PM Link
Feeling the urge to get creative today? The Clubhouse is open today from 1pm-5pm. Come on through and #MakeSomething!
Message image
2nd of August 2016 01:07 PM Link
Aaaaaaaaaaand... WE'RE BACK!!! The Clubhouse will be open from 1pm-5pm all week! #MakeSomething
Message image
28th of July 2016 01:57 AM Link
Flagship??? More like... Swagship! #TeenSummit2016 #Day2 #MakeSomething
Message image
27th of July 2016 01:58 AM Link
That's a wrap for Day One of #TeenSummit2016!
Message image
27th of July 2016 01:11 AM Link
#TeenSummit2016 is in full swing at Boston University!
Message image
25th of July 2016 08:50 PM Link
Hey Makers,
In case you haven't heard, The Clubhouse will be CLOSED all week for Teen Summit... But, we would love to see you at our Teen Summit Project Showcase on Saturday. Check out the picture below for more details on this unique event and opportunity. See you soon! #MakeSomething
Message image
24th of July 2016 04:45 PM Link
Christina, one of our Flagship Clubhouse members, made this crafty little piece out of perler beads. Do you know what this means?... It's time for you to FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!!!

Find us at https://www.instagram.com/flagshipclubhouse/ #MakeSomething
Message image
23rd of July 2016 03:45 AM Link
We will be making Art-Bots with visitors at the Boston Mini-Maker Faire at the Boston Children’s Museum on Saturday, July 23rd, from 10am-5pm. Stop by to make a robot-generated drawing and see projects from over 75 Boston area Makers!!! #MakeSomething

More information about Art Bots and Start Making: A Guide to Engaging Young People in Maker Activities, The Clubhouse Network’s new book:

20th of July 2016 12:41 PM Link
Hey Flagshippers! In case you haven't heard, The Clubhouse will be CLOSED all of next week (Tuesday, July 26th - Saturday, July 30th) for a major Clubhouse Network event called "Teen Summit." So, be sure to swing by The Flagship this week and #MakeSomething!!!
You can click the link below to learn more about Teen Summit...
14th of July 2016 02:23 PM Link
Last week, we made Art Bots at The Flagship Clubhouse. Some of our interns and volunteers will be sharing this activity with the Greater Boston community at the Boston Mini Maker Faire next Saturday. Check out our Art Bots in this video! #MakeSomething
9th of July 2016 10:31 PM Link
Last week, some of our Clubhouse members had the privilege of visiting Google Cambridge in Kendall Square. Our Summer Youth Intern, Ishaan, took some time to blog about the experience. Check it out!!!
5th of July 2016 10:24 AM Link
Summer, Summer, Summertime!!! We will be open from 1pm-5pm today as we officially kick off our Summer Program here at the Flagship! Come create with us! #MakeSomething
22nd of June 2016 01:36 PM Link
Hey Flagshippers!
We are open all throughout this week with our regular hours. But, we will be CLOSED all of next week as we prep for our Summer Program. Check out summer details below and be sure to stop by The Clubhouse this week! #MakeSomething
Message image
18th of June 2016 01:41 PM Link
Join us for our Open House today and learn more about what's in store for our Summer Program, starting July 5th! #MakeSomething
Message image
9th of June 2016 11:03 PM Link
For all of our Clubhouse teen designers out there, the Museum of Science is looking for teen participants to take the ultimate Design Challenge! On June 18, work with a team of students to tackle a day-long challenge at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Museum. Space is limited and time is running out to sign up for this fun day of invention, prizes, and -- most importantly -- duct tape! Register at tiny.cc/EurekaFest16 by tomorrow (disregard the June 4th deadline and sign up right away)!
Message image
21st of May 2016 02:29 PM Link
We're excited to be at the Latino Stem Alliance STEM Fair and Robotics Competition again this year! Today is also Open House Day at The Flagship. So come on thru! #LATINOSTEM2016 #MakeSomething
Message image
17th of May 2016 06:25 PM Link
This week is Volunteer Appreciation Week at the Museum of Science, Boston... a salute to the wonderful work of the Museum's volunteers, including our dedicated mentors right here at The Flagship Clubhouse! Here are some of those mentors at last week's Volunteer Service League dinner, photographed with Ioannis N. Miaoulis, president and director of the Museum of Science.
Message image
15th of May 2016 12:20 AM Link
Our Flagship Clubhouse members had a blast celebrating #ScratchDay at the MIT Media Lab! #MakeSomething
Message image
5th of May 2016 09:19 PM Link
"Sailor Moon" and "Snow White" perler bead art by Cate at The Flagship Clubhouse at Museum of Science, Boston. #MakeSomething
Message image
30th of April 2016 12:19 PM Link
It's a beautiful day in Boston. The Clubhouse is open from 12pm-6pm today. Come on over and get creative! #MakeSomething
Message image
5th of April 2016 04:11 PM Link
Hey Flagshippers!
We're open Wednesday through Saturday this week, but we are CLOSED all of next week (4/10 through 4/16) for The Clubhouse Network's Annual Conference. So, make your way to The Clubhouse this week and make sure you're aware of our schedule for April (including special hours for the Cambridge Science Festival/Vacation Week). See you soon! #MakeSomething
Message image
24th of March 2016 04:20 PM Link
Check out the work from Flagship members Nick and Roodeline! Be sure to vote for your favorites.
24th of March 2016 01:09 PM
The Clubhouse will indeed be OPEN tomorrow, March 25th (Good Friday), with our regular hours. Swing by and #MakeSomething!!!
23rd of March 2016 04:30 PM Link
The Innovators of the Museum of Science, Boston, took over the Flagship Clubhouse last week for a special evening of creativity, play, good food, and good times. Our amazing Flagship members, mentors, and staff were on hand to showcase some of the work and activities that make our Clubhouse such an awesome and unique space. A special "thank you" goes out to the Youth Leadership Council members (Roger, Ishaan, Nick, Danny, and Eric) and the Flagship Mentors (Ye, Jackie, Aaron, Dylan, and Trevor) who helped make the evening especially fun, informative, and memorable for our guests. As you can see in these pictures, The Innovators had a BLAST! #MakeSomething
Message image
22nd of March 2016 02:49 PM Link
A big CONGRATS to our Flagship members, Nick and Roodeline, who have been selected as finalists for the The Clubhouse Network's first Global REACH Media Festival! Be sure to check out their projects as well as the many other inspiring and unique works from the Network and also cast your vote for your favorite project in each category! #MakeSomething http://www.clubhousereach.org/
17th of March 2016 02:11 PM Link
Hey everyone!
This Saturday, March 19th, we're hosting our 3rd Open House of 2016! I can't think of a better way to bring in the spring than to introduce a friend or family member to our awesome program... New beginnings, right? It'll also be a great time to learn more about what we have planned for summer programming. So, come on through and bring a friend! #MakeSomething
Message image
16th of March 2016 03:43 PM Link
Here is a picture of Angie, our Outreach Intern, at the Tiger Woods Foundation's STEM Conference this past weekend. She was spreading the word about the Clubhouse and our Summer Program. This table spread featured an awesome Makey-Makey/Scratch project produced by our very own Clubhouse member, Siroun. #MakeSomething
Message image
8th of March 2016 01:03 PM Link
Hey Flagship Members...
This week is your LAST chance to submit a project for The Clubhouse Network's REACH Media Festival. The deadline is Friday, March 11th. There are a variety of awesome categories and you might have already completed a project that would fit in. Swing by the Flagship on Thursday afternoon to work on project ideas, to collaborate, to learn about prizes, or just to enjoy some refreshments and some good ol' Clubhouse company. See you soon! #MakeSomething
8th of March 2016 01:03 PM Link
Hey Flagship Members...
This week is your LAST chance to submit a project for The Clubhouse Network's REACH Media Festival. The deadline is Friday, March 11th. There are a variety of awesome categories and you might have already completed a project that would fit in. Swing by the Flagship on Thursday afternoon to work on project ideas, to collaborate, to learn about prizes, or just to enjoy some refreshments and some good ol' Clubhouse company. See you soon! #MakeSomething